A night departure for a group trip from Lovina to the Ijen crater Banyuwangi, East Java - Indonesia with a blur fire tours in 1 night 1 day travel package

Group tour package departure from Lovina of North Bali Island to do a blue fire tours in Ijen crater Banyuwangi

Group tour package departure from Lovina of North Bali at night time via both Bali and Java ferry port to do Ijen crater climbing tour with possibility to do a Ijen blue fire tours as well with cheap Ijen crater tour price and sharing the cost with other tourist. Come and joint with us to meet with other travelers who those interest to do a group tour package to Ijen crater from Lovina with doing a Ijen blue fire tours as well

Ijen crater tours from Lovina, Bali

  • 20.00 – 22.00: Time of pick you up services in Lovina and drive to Gilimanuk port/ harbor in the westernmost tip of Bali Island

  • 24.00 – 01.00: Crossing the Bali strait which will be accompanied by the driver by using a ferry and we park / leave the car at the Gilimanuk ferry port. Please remember that, there is one hour difference between Bali time and Java time. So, you will arrive in Ketapang ferry port – Banyuwangi, East Java around at 24:00 pm

  • 24.00 – 06.00: Arrived at the Ketapang ferry port, continue to drive for about 1 hour to the base camp of Paltuding on the slope of Mt. Ijen as parking lot of all vehicles. Afterward, it will be followed by preparation, then trekking to the summit of Ijen crater. Arriving at the summit of Mount Ijen and if the weather is good OR the condition is allowed by Ijen officer, we will go down to reach the edge of the Ijen crater. Here, you may be able to view the blue fire and return to the top to witness the sunrise (to go down to edge of the Ijen crater is with terms and conditions. If it is not allowed to go down, you will stay on the top to see blue fire, sunrise and amazing view of green lake of sulfur) 

  • 06.00 – 11.00:  After witness the sunrise and take a rest for awhile on the top of Mount Ijen, we will descend for about 2.5 - 3 hours by passing the slope of Mount Ijen till reach the base camp of Paltuding or the parking lot of vehicles and then we will continue to drive to escort you to area of Banyuwangi town as ending point for this group tour (Group tour from Bali to Ijen crater, - Banyuwangi)

Extra info and new regulation for blue fire tours in Ijen crater:
# If the conditions or weather is NOT good OR NOT allowed by Mount Ijen officer to do night climbing tours  allowed. It means, We can't do the night climbing tour in Ijen crater for Ijen blue fire tours, So - due to these conditions, this trip will be started from your accommodation or from meeting point later than schedule above and the Ijen climbing activities will be started at 4 am (we'll inform you the detail then and Read completely here) 

# There is new regulation for the visitors who wanna do Ijen crater tour and climb the Ijen crater. He/ She must bring the health certificate/ letter which explain the visitor is without ashtma and heart problem. This regulation is valid starts on 6 Jan' 2024 (due to there was climber died in new year eve Period caused by the heart attack).  You can obtain this certificate/ letter in where you are now or get it from the hospital or health clinic in your country, by the latest on one day before you climb the Ijen crater. 

Ijen crater tours from Lovia
# Departure: Every Day
# Group Tour Price: USD60/ pax
# Based on a group tour package
# Departure guarantee: 2 pax confirmed

Group Tour Price INCLUDES:
* Pick up service from Lovina
* Drop off service to Banyuwangi
* Ijen crater ticket fee + gas mask
* Local tour guide for Ijen crater tour
* Sharing transport with other tourist
* Mineral water when you do Ijen tour

Group Tour Price EXCLUDES: 
* Travel insurance, meal, tipping
* Other tour program during the tour
* Other personal expenses during the trip

Pls Bring: Trekking shoes, warm clothes
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