The daily departure of Ijen crater tour Banyuwangi for the shared cost package with other travelers

Round-way of group tour package from Banyuwangi to Ijen crater tours

The daily departure of Ijen crater tour Banyuwangi for the shared cost package with other travelers or it is called with a group departure for Ijen crater tour from Banyuwangi - the open trip Ijen tour

# Short overview of Ijen crater tour with a group package for doing a blue fire tours: 
The group tour or the open trip is a shared cost package of trip with other travelers which will be started from Banyuwangi at night time for seeing and enjoying a blue fire tour. This group departure of the Ijen blue fire tours can be started either from ferry port, train station OR hotel in Banyuwangi area. For those who wanna get our assist to arrange the transportation from other area in order you can reach Banyuwangi in the night time, we can arrange it for you with extra cost. Just contact us soon and you can do the blue fire tour Ijen - Banyuwangi with cheap tour price.

The group trip of Ijen blue fire tours is not just to see the blue fire or blue flame with amazing view in Ijen crater area, but it will be continued and combined for seeing the sunrise and green lake of sulfur from the top of Ijen crater with daily activities of  mining workers as a natural backgrounds. Let’s come to join with us and enjoy the group departure or open trip for the Ijen blue fire tours Banyuwangi by meeting with other traveler to share cost of the trip with them in order you can get cheap price for Ijen blue fire tours and expedition trekking experience in Banyuwangi regency ~ East Java, Indonesia lovely

From the base camp of Paltuding on the slope of Mount Ijen, a two (2) hours for night hiking from is required to reach the top of Ijen crater and it is followed with a 45-minute descend to the bank of the crater to see the amazing view of the blue fire in Ijen crater area and it will be combined for the sunrise tours and see the spectacular natural view of green lake of the sulfur in Ijen crater as main tourism in Banyuwangi - East Java, Indonesia. Read and check detail time table of your trip to the blue fire tours Ijen below

Itinerary of group tour package to Ijen crater

  • 00.30 - 02.00: Drive from Banyuwangi to the parking lot in Ijen crater area OR it is well known as Paltuding post. And on your arrival time at parking lot of Paltuding around at 01.30 am. Do preparation and short briefing before Ijen crater climbing tour activities

  • 02.00-06.00: Starting time for Ijen climbing tour activities to reach the top of Ijen crater. And upon your arrival on the top of Ijen crater, do oservation of the Milky Way + the seeing the blue fire and if it is allowed by Ijen officer, we will descend to reach the edge of lake to see blue fire with clearer view, then afterward viewing of sunrise on the peak of Mount Ijen and take a rest with an amazing view the green lake of sulfur as natural backgrounds which can forget how tired for the climbing process in Ijen crater

  • 06:00-09:00: Go down by passing the same route/ path on the slope of Ijen till reach the base camp of Paltuding where our car is waiting us to escort you back to the area of Banyuwangi town

*** Note: If the weather is NOT good or NOT allowed by Ijen officer to do night climbing tour in Ijen crater, we will do the regular/ standard Ijen crater tour without doing the blue fire tour (can not see the blue flame and sunrise as well in Ijen crater). And the group trip package of Ijen tour will be started from Banyuwangi around at 2 am. Continue to read...

Should bring: Trekking shoes, warm clothes
Departure: Everyday departure guarantee
Tour price: 350K/ pax on working days

Tour Price INCLUDES:
* Entrance tickets fee at Ijen crater
* Pick-up service from Banyuwangi
* Drop off service back to Banyuwangi
* Shared transport with other travelers
* Driver and fuel fee during the tour above 
* Mineral water and gas mask for Ijen tour
* A tour guide during Ijen crater hiking tour

Tour Price EXCLUDES:
* Travel insurance, meal, tipping
* Optional tour program during your trip
* Other personal cost during tour package