One day Bromo Tour with Bentar Beach Sunset

Bromo one day tour with Bentar beach sunset is popular tour package for Bromo tour to visit Bromo in one day tour, either from Surabaya or Malang without Bromo sunrise tours & without overnight stay at any hotel in Bromo area which is started from Train Station, Airport or Hotel either in Surabaya or Malang. Bromo one day tour with Bentar beach sunset is suitable trip for the  tourist who have no much time to visit Mount Bromo either from Surabaya or Malang and the best time to to do one day Bromo tour with sunset in Bentar beach is at least before at 8:00 am
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Tour Itinerary

During your tour in day time, you still could enjoy the beauty of Bromo and visit Mt Bromo  as normally and  Bromo  Day Tour Package organized on  clients  request and by depart in the morning around at 07.00 am either from Malang or Surabaya and go back in evening time either to Surabaya or Malang with tour itinerary as followed:
07.00 – 08.00 am :  Meet with our staff and start your trip from any place either in Surabaya  or Malang and drive directly for about 3 - 4 hours to Mount Bromo which is well known as the most widest caldera in Indonesia (with 8 x 5 KM diameters of the rim caldera on the height of 2000 meters above sea level)
10.00 - 11.00 am :  arrivel at Cemoro Lawang village  in Tengger region and we will change our vehicle by a jeep 4×4 vehicle. From the parking area in Mount Bromo, we will use a jeep 4×4 for passing through the sea of sand till we reach to the parking area for a jeep 4×4 vehicle and then from this place you are required to cross the sea of sand by horse riding or on foot (it is an optional) to reach to the bottom of Mount Bromo where there are more than 250 stairs which will lead you to reach to the peak of Mount Bromo. From the top of Mount Bromo & on the 2600 meters above sea levels, you will find and see spectacular view of Bromo crater or Bromo plateau with Mount Semeru as amazing natural backrounds and it is srrounded by hills and the sea of sand which will add an impression how amazing Mount Bromo as one of the spectacular creations of the God. So, Mount Bromo deserves to be a popular tourist destinations in East Java
13.00 - 14.00 pm : After enjoy spectacular view of Mount Bromo, you will go back to the parking area which our car is waiting for you to continue our trip to drive back either to Malang or Surabaya with possible for stopping on the way to visit to the Bentar beach in Probolinggo. Mount Bromo to Bentar beach will take for about 2-2.5 hours driving. 
Bentar Indah beach located at Gending district, in the side road of Surabaya - Banyuwangi, 7 km from the east to Probolinggo. Bentar Indah beach is the way to Bali - Surabaya - Yogyakarta - Jakarta, so that it is a potential tourism object. When you are on the Bentar beach, you can enjoy white sand that spread along the beach and watch the interesting of sea waves in Bentar beach. The tourists also can do fishing, because in the east mangroves forest will be made for traditional dam, which will have fishes and shrimps seed. The other side, if you visit Bentar beach at sunset time, you can enjoy sunset view in Bentar beach with backgrounds of sound from sea waves which will spread along the beach. The beach is not too crowded, but offers a beautiful landscape and charming. Because it is located opposite to the hills and mangrove forests, make this beach seemed to blend with the natural green.
18.00 pm : After enjoy sunset time in Bentar Beach, we will drive back either to Surabaya or Malang for about 3-4 hours by a private car and it is depend on the situtaion of traffic. So, you will arrive back in Surabaya or Malang in the late evening and then one day tour to Bromo with sunset in Bentar beach finished
Price is included:
~ Pick up service from Malang or Surabaya & transfer out back to Malang or Surabaya  
~ Land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip & 4WD vehicle (jeep) for Bromo Tours
~ Mineral water, highway & parking fee during the trip as mentioned on the tour program
~ Cost for a tour guide with English speaking (if you would like us to arrange it for this trip)
Price is not included:
~ Entrance tickets in Bromo & Bentar Beach as mentioned on the tour program
~ Travel insurance, Bar, Laundry, Phone call, Internet, Tipping & other personal cost
~ Cost for meals during the trip & optional tour program as mentioned on the tour itinerary
~ Cost for horse riding to cross the seas of sand in Bromo but you can do it on foot (it is optional)
Entrance tickets: You are required to pay entrance tickets during your trip by yourself and please show your id card. Cost for entrance tickets are mentioned below:
~ Ticket in Bromo is IDR. 227.000 per person on working days & IDR. 327.000 per person on public holidays
 (Note: Indonesian citizen will get cheaper cost for entrance ticket as a local people)
What items you should bring: Comfortable shoes for trekking & warm clothes 
Additional information: If the weather is good and you still have enough time during theway from Mount Bromo to Bentar Beach, you will have a chance to do optional tour package / program, such as: Madakaripura Waterfall Tours with extra cost as mentioned detail on attachment
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