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1 day trip of Ijen tour - Banyuwangi

1 day trip package for Ijen crater trekking tours - Banyuwangi with tourist destinations; Ijen blue fire tours, viewing sunrise on the peak of Ijen, amazing Ijen crater with green lake of sulfur and the Jagir waterfall of Mini Niagara as a bonus of your trip in Banyuwangi with us. What our clients say, when doing Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Trip (overseas clients / foreign clients), click here

Trip itinerary of Banyuwangi Ijen tour
00.20: Pick-up in the Banyuwangi area
00.30: Banyuwangi trip to Pos Paltuding
01.30: Arrive at Pos Paltuding (parking area), continue trekking to the peak of Ijen crater for approximately 2-3 hours of climbing. On the top of Ijen, if the conditions is possible and get permission, we will have a chance to go down to the edge of the crater to witness the amazing view of Ijen's blue fire (Ijen's blue fire tour), then return to the top to watch the sunrise (enjoy sunrise time) and see the beauty of the green lake of sulfur from the top of Ijen crater

06.00: Get off from the top of Ijen to Paltuding
08.00 - 11.00: Leave Pos Paltuding to drive back to Banyuwangi and then if there is enough time with good weather, we will make a stop for awhile at Jagir waterfall, before returning to Banyuwangi and then we will escort you to the hotel, train station, bus terminal, ferry harbor of Ketapang OR other places in the town of Banyuwangi >> and afterward, your trip with us has done/ FINISH

⇔ Notes: If the climbing activities in Ijen crater is not allowed at night time, we will start the climbing before dawn time and the pick-up time will be done around at 01.45 am or by the latest at 02.00 am. so,it means, probably we can not view the blue fire of Ijen crater

Price is included:
~ A private transport (car) with AC
~ Cost of parking and mineral water 
~ Cost of driver + fuel during the trip
~ Bonus trip to Jagir waterfall (conditional)
~ Masks (matches with protocol of Covid-19)
~ A tour guide (it depends on your reservation)
Price is not included:
~ Cost of optional tour program 
~ Cost of meals during your trip
~ Cost of entrance tickets at Ijen crater 
~ Cost of travel insurance, tipping and other personal expenses

Entrance ticket: You are required to pay entrance ticket during your trip by yourown via online system. Cost of entrance ticket is as mentioned below:
⇔ Entrace fee in Ijen carter
~ IDR. 100.000/ person on working days 
~ IDR. 150.000/ person on weekend and holidays
Notes: Entrace fee for Indonesian is cheaper as a local people

Items you should bring: Shoes for trekking
Additional information: If the weather is good and you still have enough time during this tour package, you will have a chance to do one of optional programs for Banyuwangi Exploring tours during drive back to Banyuwangi, but you are required to pay extra cost as mentioned on the attachment