Specialist for Komodo tour from Bali Island

Specialist for Komodo tour from Bali

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How can you do Komodo tours from Bali;

If you are really natural lover, Visiting Komodo dragon in area of Komodo National Park is one of best adventure tours in Indonesia, especially in area of eastern coast Indonesia. To reach the natural habitat of Komodo dragon, you may be able to fly directly from Bali airport to Labuan Bajo airport or Komodo airport. And then meet with our team/ representative staff for exploring tours of Komodo National Park. There are several stops on the way, so you can get closer with other islands in this part of Indonesia. Each of them is a unique place. On Rinca Island there is a National Park, where you can see rare species of animals and also Komodo dragons, direct descendants of dinosaurs. The landscape view on Padar Island looks like shots from the movies about Jurassic era, and sunsets on Kalong Island are like paintings, also you will be surprised with flying foxes (giant bats) which rise in the sky in big flocks which is located in Kalong Island.

Beside from Bali, you can reach the Komodo Island from other air ports in Indonesia, such as from Jakarta airport to Labuan Bajo airport or Komodo air port, but some of the flights are directly flights and transit flight. Take a 2, 3, 4 or 5-days with a private boat trip to these sites with your family, partner, colleague, company or group tour with other travelers. Choose a tour in a private cabin or shared cabin on boats of different classes. Feel like a long voyage captain and enjoy a sea adventure in the Komodo archipelago. Pink sand, dragons, flying foxes/ giant bats, endless starry sky and other wonders are much closer than you think. The other side, underwater world of these places is very rich with color fishes, beautiful coral reefs and amazing underwater habitats. Divers from all over the world come here specially. Huge manta rays live in the waters of Taka Makassar Island – they can spread their wings up to 7 meters.

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